J E R R Y  P E R E Z

Jerry Perez lives in Rhode Island and escapes to Cape Cod whenever possible. As President of Leapfrog, EVP of Mattel and SVP of Hasbro, Jerry played with toys most of his adult life, and, in the process, learned a lot about storytelling and entertainment. He has collaborated with the world’s greatest entertainment companies, including Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Universal, experiencing first-hand what makes people laugh. A Roadmap Writers alum, Jerry has been a quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl; a semi-finalist in ScreenCraft and Bluecat; and one of twenty Comedy semi-finalists at Austin this year with his script The Man Dance, which is also in the top 1% of Coverfly Comedy scripts. Jerry both writes and lives character-driven comedy, as he and his wife await the day when the third of their offspring finally launches.


Contact him at geronicon@gmail.com