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Throw Away

A Miracle

  • The Red List: #2 Faith Screenplay of the Year

  • Top 15 scripts, 2018 Faith in Film Screenplay Competition

  • Top 20%, Academy Nicholl Fellowship

  • Second Rounder, Austin International Screenplay Competition

  • Semi-finalist, Creative World Awards Screenplay Competition

  • Quarter-finalist, Richmond International Film Festival

  • Quarter-finalist, Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition

  • Quarter-finalist, Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

When Mark Moretti, a passionate but lonely Catholic priest in a small Midwestern town, falls in love with Eliani Rodriguez, a newly arrived single mother from New York City, the resistance posed by family and friends is formidable.  But it's nothing compared to what happens when he refuses to hide the relationship or leave the Church because of it. The story of one individual challenging a thousand years of dogma, Throw Away A Miracle outlines devastating consequences for Mark: the loss of either his vocation or the woman he loves. Or, possibly, both.

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